Gillette and star of Russian and world hockey Alexander Ovechkin Announce Partnership
 Press Service of the P & G announces the start of a long-term cooperation Gillette and Alexander Ovechkin. The star of modern hockey became an international ambassador of Gillette, the world leader in the field of shaving and grooming for men. The partnership will be implemented campaigns of the latest developments Gillette for men, as well as a number of social projects aimed at the development of youth hockey.

Alexander Ovechkin (25 years) - Russian hockey player, one of the brightest and most talented world-class athletes, the first player in NHL history that five seasons in a row been named the best in the "All-Star Game," as well as the fourth player in history, who scored more than 200 goals for the first 4 years of career. In July 2009, Ovechkin declared after the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

"Working with Gillette - a great honor for me,   - Says Alexander. - This is the best brand for men in the world, and I like that every day, Gillette is working to become even better. In addition, I am very glad that our cooperation we will help beginners to talented hockey players, the same as it once was and I, so that they can achieve the best that they are capable in sports and in life " .

In collaboration with Alexander Ovechkin Gillette Company is a special gift set Gillette Fusion Cool White   with a photo and signature of the hockey player on the package. The kit includes a shaving system and 4 replaceable blades.

Gillette Fusion Power Cool White   - A new shaving system, which received the approval of the Russian Society of Dermatologists. She embodied all the advanced technology Gillette Fusion. 5 PowerGlide finest blades coated with anti-friction reduce irritation, and 15 mikrogrebney smooth the skin and lifts the hairs, thus providing, close shave with minimal discomfort, which is especially important for sensitive skin.

Built on a unique microchip stylish glossy white with blue accents handle sends a mitigating micropulses that reduce friction. The lubricating strip indicator with formula, enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, provides a better razor glide. The strip changes color from blue to white, recalling that the blade should be changed at least 1 time per month. With the trimmer blade on the back of the shaving cartridge to maintain sideburns, beard and mustache in perfect condition now easier than ever. At the same time, despite the very delicate effect on sensitive skin, the razor is not inferior in quality and clean shave - the skin is perfectly smooth.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila