"Joy of Creativity" in a hurry to Kazan!
 Festival "Joy of Art" will be held in Kazan on 26-27 February 2011 in Prospect Park House mall. Yamasheva, 46/33 for the second time. The first festival was held in Kazan in April 2010 and brought together the most positive reviews. This year the festival days are expected not only to master, but regular customers shop "Leonardo".

The festival aims to introduce and combine all creative people. To help open the creative abilities to those who just wanted to touch the world of decoration and crafts.

Information support is provided by TV, radio and more than twenty well-known in the industry of printed and internet - publications.

Traditionally, the festival will act needlework exhibition works, where visitors can get to know different areas of work - painted and embroidered, decorative home furnishings, various ornaments and more. Anyone wishing to have a unique opportunity to visit the exhibition, presentations and master classes. Visit and participate in all activities - for free! His skills will show manufacturers of products for creativity, popular books on needlework, craftsmen and creative community of Kazan. Embroidery, beading, felting, decoupage, scrapbooking, kviling, knitting, sculpture, drawing, painting - this is an incomplete list of what will be presented to the guests of the Festival. Everyone will be able to ask questions, try the product in the work, inspired by new ideas.

Get acquainted with the various techniques of manual creativity, will be able to not only adults but also children. Together with publishers of children's magazines and producers of different sets, children can try their hand at sculpting, drawing, folded, origami, applique, engraving, modeling. Parents will find many useful and interesting for the development and leisure activities of their children.

"Try it and you will succeed! "   - Is the motto of the festival!

Detailed information about the Festival site www.leonardohobby.ru

The Organizing Committee
Phone: (495) 784-77-88 (ext. 337, 332)
e-mail: pr@sb-service.ru

 "Joy of Creativity" in a hurry to Kazan!

Author: Marina Tumovskaya