Mezhportalny competition is completed, but to be continued!
 On the Web for the first time held mezhportalny creative competition - competed with each other team members of popular sites. In the contest, called "Little Things on all handles - mezhportalny Magic Competition", launched December 16th, 2010, was attended by the six sites users group "MediaFort."

Teams represented the following web projects:

- Women's magazine and forums myJane,
- IPB,
- Women's social network myJulia,
Portal - Beauty MyCharm,
- A social network for parents' country Mom "
- Handstitched portal Hobbyportal.

This resources of different subjects, but they all share one thing - a purely female-oriented. Site sites, the team which took part in the competition, more than 270 thousand people a day.

Read the terms of the contest here: id = 3303
With its outcome - here: p = 35277 # 35277

But the participating teams and their cheerleaders do not want to leave, they continue to communicate among themselves and come up with new ideas.

For example, members of the team site   conceived continue to acquaint users with their talents - handmade, literary, culinary ... They created -zhurnal "piece of work"! It can not only read, but also to subscribe to the newsletter thematic "piece of work".

Women's social network   It has created a section "Golden Fund myJulia», which publishes the work of the participating teams.

A girl from our team MyCharm   We got a unique offer to become the permanent authors of our portal, to start a career freelance author in the women's online edition of the fashion and beauty.

There is news mezhportalny competition will certainly held more than once. So - watch our news and the heading "Competitions", and you will be able to enter a team of MyCharm and may become a regular contributor to our portal.

Author: Julia Gnedina