The new flavor and new products for beauty "plum blossom" by L`Occitane
 Spring very soon, and the House L`Occitane aims to please us with a new scent of flowering plum tree. This line was announced in autumn 2010, because, probably, became so highly anticipated. Among the new products are not only water and toilet facilities for the soul, but also the delicate lip gloss.

The line "plum blossom» (Fleurs de Brignoles) continues the tradition of floral perfume collection from L'Occitane. Here's news:

Eau Plum color . A delightful floral fragrance with soft fruity notes. He recalled the first sunny days of spring when everywhere disclosed beautiful white buds of plum trees. Exquisite flavor for the true lovers of Provence.
Top notes: plum blossom extract, leaves Plum, Blueberry
The middle notes are pear, plum
Base notes are sandalwood, musk

Eau Plum color roll- . Enjoy a wonderful floral scent everywhere and always! This is a more intense version of the fragrance Plum color format roll-on. Simply apply the fragrance on the pulsation points (neck, wrists, chest).

Lip Gloss Plum color . Season Plum Blossom - a holiday in Provence! Your lips will become irresistible thanks to light creme lip gloss. His gentle nourishing texture protects and moisturizes lips. Transparent shade goes well, it softens the skin.
- Plum oil seeds - Softens, protects, moisturizes the skin of the lips;
- Extract plum blossom - gives light shade.
Soft, convenient packaging will allow you to shine apply it at any time!

 The new flavor and new products for beauty "plum blossom" by L`Occitane
Eau de toilette, eau de toilette in the form of video, lip gloss

The gel-scrub shower Plum color . On contact with water, the gel bath and shower turns into a fragrant foam that cleanses the skin, otshelushivaya it with small particles of almond kernels. The skin becomes shiny, silky and revitalized. Gentle for daily use.
- Natural Foaming base of plant origin - gently cleanses the skin without drying;
- Small particles of almond kernels - remove dead skin cells, improve microcirculation;
- Extract of plum blossoms - softens the skin, giving the skin a gentle spring fragrance.

Moisturizing body wash Plum color . Gentle care of your body. Nourishing gel with a velvety texture that melts into the skin, giving it elasticity, softness and comfort. The skin becomes silky and elegant aroma with floral and fruity notes.
- Plum oil seeds - softens and nourishes the skin;
- Extract plum color - gives the skin a delicate floral aroma.

 The new flavor and new products for beauty "plum blossom" by L`Occitane
Moisturizing gel (200 and 75 ml), scrub (200 ml and 75)

Author: Julia Gnedina