Acne in adolescence can cause serious emotional problems
 One study relating to acne, which is represented by specialists from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, should be alerted. The findings of researchers are: acne in adolescence often leads to depression and even thoughts of suicide.

The study involved a sufficiently large number of adolescents and scientists insist that the results should be considered very seriously. One of the conclusions for the fact that the majority of adolescents with very severe manifestations of acne is not going to the doctor, these cases are not treated.

The next conclusion - almost 25%, with teenage acne, allow thoughts of suicide, while the overall among teenagers, the figure is 11%.

Another conclusion is also caused alarm acne leads to low self-esteem and depression, including severe forms.

And most importantly, the researchers insist that these findings need to familiarize parents and teachers, they should also be encouraged teenagers desire to treat acne and acne, as it can really help emotional health of teenagers.

Author: Julia Gnedina