At what age can start peeling?
 We all know how important time to do everything for health and beauty. And there are procedures that never too early to start. Or such funds. For example, sunscreen components may be used in their products at the earliest possible age. What about scrubs? Do not hurt whether they are young skin?

What is peeling in fact? This removal (exfoliation) of dead skin cells. This makes it necessary, as they are collected on the surface of the skin of excess fat, dust, dirt, clog pores. If you let the dead skin cells remain on the surface, this leads to irritation, acne, skin becomes dull and lifeless, not breathing. A subsequent application of makeup or tanning becomes a disaster at all, because they do not exactly fall, causing only trouble.

Especially important is the peeling of the skin which is prone to acne, in this case, be sure to keep the pores clean and free of dead cells. This will greatly facilitate any treatment.

Things to remember, using the procedure of peeling. It turns out that you can overdo exfoliation. After the skin has its own natural protective layer, and removing too many dead cells, it is possible to disarm the skin. All this will cause redness, irritation.

That's why you need to use a gentle scrub that include AHA-acid (glycolic or lactic), and if the skin is sensitive, then do sometimes simply washcloths. And you need to spend no more peeling 2-3 times a week and for sensitive skin - no more than once a week.

One can only conclude When should I begin to apply the procedure scrubs and peels?   So, again, that exfoliation is a good prevention of acne and acne, as is often the problems of adolescence. The practitioner dermatologist Neal Schultz (Hb York) in his blog suggested that 13-15 years - just the right time to introduce this procedure in your everyday life. This will help the skin to remain in good condition even in such a critical moment, which is also called hormonal explosion. So advice to all young girls: use non-comedogenic cosmetics and regular exfoliation procedure. And if you're a mom and you have a daughter - do not forget to tell her about peeling in 13 years.

Author: Julia Gnedina