Birth control pills can cause skin problems
 You have not had any problems with the skin, or they were insignificant, but suddenly began to appear unreasonable pimples, irritation, skin became dry or, on the contrary, fatty? This is familiar to you? It appears, in this case, except its audit cosmetics must be checked and their pill.

If you do not help more frequent exfoliation, the transition to a more gentle means, change the brand of cosmetics, one of the probable causes - hormonal contraceptives (if you are using one).

In this case, you need only one visit to the doctor to choose the other tablets. The fact that changes in the skin - of the known side effects of oral contraceptives. And in order to avoid it, you need to approach the choice of the tablets individually by a specialist, not just on the advice of a friend. You may even have to abandon hormonal contraception.

Indeed, the transition to other tablets can improve the situation, though not as fast as we would like. Dermatologists say that it may take several months. But it's still better than a lifetime to suffer skin problems.

Author: Julia Gnedina