Nail polish by Serena Williams
 Just a few weeks ago came the news of the collaboration the brand OPI, which specializes in coatings for nails, and world-famous tennis player Serena Williams. And now a new mini-collection has nail polish already quite palpable.

The result of cooperation and Serena is a collection of OPI nail Glam Slam. Sell ​​and collection will be updated in accordance with the schedule of the Grand Slam competitions throughout the world. Premieres are planned during the Australian Open (January), French Open (May), Wimbledon (June) and US Open (August). For each competition will be prepared by a new duo varnishes.

The first duo have released - a pair of lemon + black crack. Cover with a cracked effect (black) will accompany each run. Serena's crazy about this varnish, in addition, the brand experts argue that the leopard effect in various forms will be the trend in the coming year.

 Nail polish by Serena Williams

What do you know about Serena? But this 29-year-old tennis player is not only achieved much in the sport. Although it affects. She won all Grand Slam events, is managed only five women in history. But did you know that Serena graduated from the school of manicure and pedicure? "Everyone knows that I love fashion and style, but few people know what I'm doing myself a manicure. I really love to do it, and even have their own licensed technology "- said Williams.

Well, except for issues of new lacquers in the plans at the tennis and the discovery of their own nail salons, however, after the end of the tennis career.

Author: Julia Gnedina