Makeup artist Gina Brooke reveals the beauty-secrets Madonna
 Who better to know the secrets of the beauty of the Madonna than her personal make-up artist who has worked with the star during the last world tour? It is about Gina Brooke, makeup artist, who chose Madonna as a personal makeup artist. Gina Brooke told journalists Stylelist some details of the work with the pop star.

Working with Madonna, Gina opened such a product as a primer. "I have never used a primer to working with Madonna. She had to dance and sing for two and a half hours every night. Imagine that all this time it has to remain perfect makeup. And we've found a good product - primer Hourglass's Mineral Primer Base. He went to the Madonna perfect. "

 Makeup artist Gina Brooke reveals the beauty-secrets Madonna

What is this magical product? - Appeal to many. It's a base for make-up, oil-free, with the protection of SPF 15. It absorbs fat, fat, sweat. Another of the qualities of this product - it reflects light, creating the effect of the natural radiance of the skin. It does not contain parabens, sulfates and phthalates, fragrance free. In Russia, though this brand is not represented, but primers with similar properties can be found. Makeup artist Madonna gave a hint of the composition.

Gina Brooke, by the way, a man in make-up is very famous. Now it is a new art director for Sephora. Before that, she worked with the brand Shu Uemura, and looked up at the height of their special brand product - false eyelashes, making them, in fact, a cult product of these fashionistas.

But to return to her work with Madonna. Gina says that unfortunately, many celebrities make-up artists make a very big mistake, using make-up rich and deep colors. "When you use lighter shades, it creates the illusion of freshness and youthful face. All the celebrities with whom I worked, always tell me that they want to look as if they are sleeping all day. That's why I only use bright and luminous shades of makeup. "

For Madonna Gina used shades of pink make-up, as well as a yellowish hue highlighter, he helped to conceal redness. Highlighter better to put this: a single brushstroke continue to arch his eyebrows down to the cheeks, but not below the nose. "Choose a light-reflecting products, it will create the illusion of young and refreshed skin."

For very demanding customers who want to look perfect for filming, for example, or on the red carpet, Brooke always offers to start on 30 minutes to take advantage of a special serum Intraceuticals Rejuvenate serum, which instantly nourishes and moisturizes the skin with oxygen. This product is a special technology, whey contains oxygen, green tea extract, aloe vera, vitamins A, C, E, hyaluronic acid.

As for finishing chord for Madonna Brooke always uses a matte lipstick, it allows the singer to appear a few hours with makeup intact, even if a certain amount of smeared lipstick while singing.

 Makeup artist Gina Brooke reveals the beauty-secrets Madonna

Author: Julia Gnedina