The ultra-modern hair straighteners Ga.Ma.
 You pretty curls, but you want an absolutely straight hair? Then ultra hair straighteners Ga.Ma. We created especially for you. Technique Ga.Ma. Tourmaline has a coating that allows you to gently straighten the hair, without causing them any harm. Company Ga.Ma uses for gentle hair care products the latest developments in the field of nanotechnology.

Plates rectifiers Ga.Ma covered with a layer of nanoparticles of tourmaline, which completely covers the microscopic pores of the metal. Tourmaline by heat begins to emit negatively charged particles - ions that neutralize the harmful effects of high temperature, creating a natural defense against it.

Studies have shown that this nanotechnology allow better use of the useful qualities of tourmaline. For example, the rectifier Laser Ion Tourmaline CP1 M LIT / P11.CP1LTO Ga.Ma produces 2 million negative ions per second, which is much greater than in a continuous coating tourmaline plates. Negatively charged particles and restore hair, give shine and flexibility. The rectifier integrated electronic temperature control, which eliminates the possibility of overheating and section ends.

Cutting-edge technology at the service of careful styling - this is the motto of rectifiers Ga.Ma Tourmaline nanopokrytiem.Velikolepnaya styling and luxurious, shiny smooth hair - that's what you get if you use hair straighteners with a ceramic coating on Ga.Ma.