When the hair wash is harmful ...
 Of course, no one likes to go with a dirty head. Yes, we do not call. Just do you know that there are cases where it is not recommended to wash your hair? If not, be aware of.

We counted three such cases:

Case 1. After the permanent.   If you just did perm, wait at least 24 hours before washing your hair. Some experts recommend to wait up to 72 hours. The fact that otherwise neutralizes the chemical components and the hair strands become disordered with different degrees of curl. Also, use to wash shampoo specifically designed for a perm, they are softer. Do not resort to any and hair treatment (using keratin, for example).

Case 2. Before visiting the barber shop . Washing hair - is the first thing any master begins its work. Of course, a bit awkward to reach with a very dirty or greasy hair. But even worse - to expose the hair washing so often. So leave all sorts of complexes and not be afraid to be misunderstood. Master understand.

Case 3. After the injection of Botox.   Procedures for the use of Botox injections with the drug are becoming more popular. And the most important warning that the doctor will do is not to face any massage (including the area of ​​hair), not to sleep face down. Shampoo - just a procedure that affects the scalp and face. So try to avoid it. How many? At least the first six hours, not to get unpleasant side effects in the idea of ​​bruises.

Author: Julia Gnedina