As Jennifer Lopez was shot to advertise L'Oreal Paris (video)
 Recently we wrote about the fact that the famous singer and actress with Latin American roots Jennifer Lopez is now - a person L'Oreal Paris. And after a few weeks of this news can be accurately say that Jennifer brings to advertise incredibly sexy.


Guide L'Oreal Paris says it wants in 2011 to slightly change the approach to advertising, to make it more personal and confidential. To this end, the brand is ready to invite the most beautiful women in the world, which the consumer trusts. In addition, L'Oreal, as well as other modern brands, changes our view of the age, and for 40-year-old woman stand on a par with young models on an equal footing.

When it became known that he had signed a contract with Jennifer Lopez, many wondered what product it will offer advertising. Now we know exactly what it means to be a special smoothness and shine. The new line of hair is called EverSleek. 41-year-old star says in the video: Ā«Ever sleek, ever smooth, ever beautifulĀ», which can be translated like this: ever smooth as never smoothed, beautiful as ever. She's about your hair with new means EverSleek.

TVC will from January 2011, and print ads with Jennifer debut in the February issue of gloss. Today we have the opportunity to show a video revealing the work of Jennifer advertising.

As you luxury madam in black latex? Very inspiring beauty!

Author: Julia Gnedina