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Lifestyle - Music
The winner of "American Idol» № 4, Irina Dubcova difficult to put on a par with peers. After all, it is not only a popular singer, but also a poet and a composer whose songs performed by many Russian pop stars. Irina was fond of music and seriously dealt with since childhood. When she was 11, she became a member of a very popular musical group in Volgograd "Jam" created by her parents. And even then it was obvious that the music for Irina - not just a hobby or a teenage fascination and destiny.

Water aerobics: pleasant, helpful, efficient
Water aerobics classes - the best kind of athletic exercises for expectant mothers. They complement and continuation of the course of preparation for childbirth and ensure the maintenance of good physical shape. Water - the ideal environment for sports pregnant women: it has supportive and therapeutic properties, as well as allows you to make a series of stretching exercises and breathing, which is quite difficult to perform on land.

Excursion to the Moscow hospital №27
Maternity hospital number 27, which is Koptevo Boulevard in the north of the capital, in 2007, celebrated its 60th anniversary. Every year there comes to light about 3,000 children. Advanced age - a big plus: during that time have accumulated invaluable experience, there were great tradition and has developed a great team of associates, entering into which new professionals are part of the soul of the clinic.

Extract from the hospital №10 Moscow
Azov Street - not the central highway. Located a few steps from the metro station "Kakhovskaya." There is a building of the Moscow maternity hospital № 10. In the morning the yard enter only ambulance, but after 14 hours the barrier rises and conventional cars, many of which are decorated with ribbons and balloons. This happy parents with small bundles in their arms.

The stars of the winter holidays and vacation
January - a very difficult month for the parents, because you need much to do and not to forget anything! Buy gifts to friends at Christmas to visit with the child all kinds of Christmas trees and Christmas performances go on a vacation or just take a ride in the nearby woods skiing and sledding. On winter holidays of his childhood, and plans for the current New Year and Christmas period we were told the star mom and dad.

Tour SEI secondary school № 59 named. NV Gogol
Surprisingly, in this country, where so we loved and respected literary classic Nikolai Gogol, Gogol has only one school. One, but what! School number 59 - is not just a school, it is a kind of city-state in the "country" of education, which this year celebrates its 110th anniversary!

Plaster at
When a child is sick, we are ready to do anything to help him. But what does it do? And it does not hurt the baby?

From childhood
He loves your child to go to the hairdresser? No? And no wonder! It's for yourself, we meticulously select the master and salon, and daughters and sons of the more diverted into one that is closer to home. But the habit to take care of themselves - it is just as essential and important skill is the ability to have a beautiful and clean your teeth in the morning and for him to hold, simply need to turn a trip to the beauty salon in the celebration! In the newly opened children's beauty salon "Yakimanka" know how to do it.

I ask for the throne!
This seemingly simple piece of furniture, like a chair, in Russia before Peter's reforms was considered a huge luxury. On it sat only in "special" cases, and often worn with you: because the presence or absence of the chair demonstrated who is who. Today, this piece of furniture adorns each apartment and office. However, his choice (perhaps a tribute to the history of) all fit very responsible.

The breadth of the Russian soul
Upon entering the magnificent old Moscow mansion, which houses the restaurant "Gusyatnikoff", you begin to understand the meaning of "broad Russian soul." Just imagine: a classic billiards room, a grand ballroom, a cigar room, a hookah in a Moroccan style, a unique wine cellar, separate rooms for a warm family celebration or a business meeting, cozy romantic loft in a position to privacy - and this, combined with an incredibly delicious and familiar with Russian childhood kitchens. Here, too, everything is thought for young gourmets.

Why boys are different from girls?
The child is not given the matter from an early age. It is the parents care more, someone out there will tell US - boy or girl. Relatives of fuss, deciding what outfits to give - pink or blue. A crumb do not care what he had sex and whether he had at all: is himself snorting, eating requests.

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Author: Julia Gnedina