Red lips: Current tips
 Red lipstick (from pink and red to maroon and bloody shades) is particularly relevant in the autumn season. And it will be popular, probably always, in different variations. Therefore, our observations may be of interest to many.

- If you are going in your image to focus on the broad, active lips, begin to make-up is with them. Only after proceed to the cheeks and eyes. If you do not believe me, then here's another argument for the following sequence: the artists paint pictures, starting with the rich, dark place. The fact is that the only way to subdue the rest of the selected tone paint canvases. The make-up work such as the rights of artists.

- Do not forget to keep the balance and make eyes brighter and less saturated than the lips, then the image will be literate.

- Instead of black (eyeliner and mascara), select a dark blue or gray-blue hue, while red lips become very expressive.

- Try to use a bronzer instead of blush, while leaving only the red lips, and it will make them pure red color.

- Before applying lipstick, prepare the skin, this is best suited mixture of foundation and moisturizer. Tone Cream is better to keep the lipstick and moisturizer - not give lips peel.

Author: Julia Gnedina