WARNING: This post looks at Grandfather Frost!
 That's coming New Year. Even today, the Catholic Christmas Eve, and soon we will go to the Christmas tree to look for underneath gifts. You already make come true, that would like to get?

Photo: beautyineverything.com

Open you a secret: we have a direct connection with Santa Claus. But he has the ability to see only one page of our website - this one. Yes, he's very busy, and we were able to agree only on this. But this means that we can in the comments to this post leave him their news and suggestions. He will still look.

And yet his Maiden whispered to us that wishes always come true, and Santa Claus is very upset when you do not know what to give? So - you need to leave their secret dreams on this page (in the comments), and believe that the miracle happened!

Well, it is true, how do you get your favorite perfume or a new handbag as a gift, if your desires, no one knows? Write down what you would like to receive the New Year's Eve!

 WARNING: This post looks at Grandfather Frost!
Photo: carolinekarnas.tumblr.com

And who has not yet decided what to give someone - maybe find a clue in our comments?

Author: Julia Gnedina