Everything you wanted to know about the meat dress of Lady Gaga
 We have already mentioned that along with meat, which is demonstrated in this year Lady Gaga, is recognized as one of the most important fashion events of the year, which will be included in the story. And pay it continues to excite the public. Everything you know about him?

On the dress has been spent 50 pounds of meat (or about 22, 5 kilograms). However, in actual fact, it turned out to be the weight of 40 pounds (18 kg), since not all the meat was used, were trim.

On the sewing it took two days, and in the intervals between work clothes stored in the refrigerator. In total, the work on the dress had spent three days.

Eyewitnesses say, and Lady Gaga has confirmed that the dress came from the sweet smell. The smell of meat almost was not.

The basis is the corset dress, which consisted of several parts. Gaga just to get into it from below, and several pieces sewn together directly on the singer.

Meat during wear to stay cool. This helped along to stay fresh and begin to deteriorate. But preservatives are not used! Lady Gaga said that she was always cold meat.

Author: Julia Gnedina