Hallo! MyCharm.ru looking for talent!
 Talent can be converted into a microwave oven, multivarku, hair dryer, cosmetic sets ... or interesting conversation and meet new people. What should be done? Log on to the team MyCharm.ru mezhportalnom contest magic "tricks of all hands".

About all details you can read here - http://www.mycharm.ru/articles/text/? id = 3303

Or you can go directly to the forum, here in this topic http://forum.mycharm.ru/viewtopic.php? t = 2035 where we form a team.

In deciding not have much time. If you are bound and bustle of Christmas preparations, and are not sure that will be able to take part, you can simply go to our forum and throw your little idea of ​​the themes of the contest. After support the team myCharm, voting for the work of our girls.

In general, our team of beauty portal MyCharm.ru already precisely states that "Beauty - a terrible force" And we are waiting for those who are ready to confirm it.

Author: Julia Gnedina