Lacoste launches the new trio of men's fragrances L.12.12.
 French tennis player Rene Lacoste released his first polo shirt in 1927. Her article was L.12.12. (the letter «L» meant the brand Lacoste, the number "1" symbolizing the brand material Petit Piqué, «two" meant short sleeves, and the number "12" - a serial number of the new version of the T-shirts). In 2011 decides to repeat a masterpiece Lacoste L.12.12., But now this code is hidden under the new trio of men's fragrances.

Three flavors - the three primary colors of classic polo shirt from Lacoste: white, blue, green. Each of the fragrances carries its own color and character. White represents simplicity, elegance, freshness, blue symbolizes intensity of life on the coast, green charged by the nature and optimism.

• L.12.12. White (White) - clean, classic, woody fragrance. Top notes of cardamom, grapefruit, rosemary, pine needles. The "heart" - the Mexican tuberose and ylang-ylang. Base - sensual notes of leather and cedar.

• L.12.12. Blue (blue) - an intense and courageous aroma. The top notes - grapefruit, mint extract. Heart notes - sage, orange flower. Base - patchouli, moss.

• L.12.12. Green (Green) - a natural relaxing scent. Top notes of Italian bergamot, grapefruit and frozen melon. The notes of the "heart" - extracts of verbena and lavender. Base notes - thyme, fig tree.

 Lacoste launches the new trio of men's fragrances L.12.12.

All three flavors - identical in design bottles: minimalist and symbolic, a small logo on the right, reminiscent at once classic polo shirt from Lacoste. New items go on sale in February 2011. (nice that on the eve of our celebration of the male), in the form of toilet water (30 and 100 ml), the approximate price - 39 euros (30 ml) and 62 euros (100 ml).

 Lacoste launches the new trio of men's fragrances L.12.12.

Author: Julia Gnedina