Armin van Buuren returns to Moscow
 Three years later ... Armin van Buuren returns to Moscow with his unprecedented seven-hour show. September 27, 2014 we are waiting for ARMIN ONLY INTENSE. The first time in the history of dance music in Russia and the CIS, the company GLOBALCLUBBING is a spectacular show in the biggest and the main arena of the country - the UK Olympic!

Concept and idea

The new world tour last album inspired by Armin van Buuren - Intense. Armin Only concept originated in the early years of career Armin. The first performances took place in the beginning of zero - the show announced itself and began to develop rapidly, gaining in popularity. Now the show Armin Only - is impressive performances with the participation of diverse artists, from classical to rock musicians, but the main acting figure certainly is Armin van Buuren. «Armin Only - This seven-hour journey through the vast expanses of music" - says Armin. - "With the show, I can tell you the full story of my album Intense».


With a new world tour and the growing expectations of fans. Armin van Buuren and ALDA Events joined forces with theater director Jos Thie and creators Sander Reneman. Both directors have started to work with a team of Intense, which led to fresh and innovative approaches to the show in the electronic dance music. "The basis of Armin Only will always be a DJ set" - sums up Armin. - "But that show was more interesting, I will present a live performance now, and you will be able to enjoy the action, almost as in a theater! "


Traditionally, the show involved the most creative and talented artists from around the world. This time, take part: Trevor Guthrie, Fiora, Bagga Bowns, Richard Bedford, Eller van Buuren, Laura Jansen, Cindy Alma and other talents from all over the world.

Company-organizer - GLOBALCLUBBING:

Dynamically developing company specializing in the organization of dance shows massive events. Already more than 1 million visitors witnessed a colorful world-class productions.

The company grew out of personal preference to the modern sound of music from Depeche Mode, Faithless, Chemical Brothers and to the musicians of our time, expanding the boundaries of the speed of rhythm, melody, new sounds, depending on the mood and time of day. We will never change this feeling, but only improve the perception and follow the implementation of the plans coming from the soul.

... "In the history of our company - a lot of different activities, all of which correspond to the evolution of our favorite dance culture in Russia and CIS countries. All happened - it's the steps required for development. For us it is a way of life and self-expression, and all this will continue. "

... "We are seeing the situation a few steps forward and understand how best to implement projects, and how, but for all the time you need, and most importantly - your support and confidence."

Company Partner: Yota

Russian telecommunications company, a federal wireless carrier that provides unlimited internet access on all devices. The main direction of the company - to provide mobile services and unlimited 4G-Internet.

Yota provides federal coverage in networks 2G / 3G / 4G LLC "Skartel" and OJSC "MegaFon". As part of providing services for unlimited 4G-Internet Yota offers customers a simple and convenient way to access the wireless network using the compact routers and modems.
Yota Company was founded in 2007, it is currently one of the industry leaders wireless broadband access (broadband) in the world. Yota first to offer users access to the fastest mobile Internet-based 4G technology WiMAX, as well as built Russia's first network LTE.

Company Partner: Radio Europa Plus

Europe Plus - station number 1 in Russia * with the largest audiences daily on its wave configured more than 10 million listeners across the country! Europa Plus aired April 30, 1990 in Moscow, becoming the first commercial radio station in Russia. Europe Plus - this is the best modern popular music on the radio station heard only hits of Russian and foreign performers. Every year, the Europe Plus carries out its own major off-air events: Europa Plus LIVE and "Live At breakfast with the team." The radio station is part of the holding number 1 in Russia - "European media group" (EMG), which also includes national broadcast networks Retro FM, Traffic Radio, Radio 7 on seven hills, Cupcake FM, Radio Record (Moscow), Sport FM. Broadcasting stations EMG covers more than 2400 cities in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

* TNS Russia, Radio Index - Russia (cities with a population of 100,000 or more people.), January - June 2014, Daily Reach (Mon-Fri, 06.00-24.00) radio stations in the population 12 years and older. Measurement method - telephone interviews.


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Author: Anna Shustrova