Competition "Culinary records" with Fairy on
 Culinary skills long gone beyond the limits of the private kitchen, becoming an art form. For Michelin stars chefs train their skills for decades, for the honor of being introduced in the Guinness Book of Records the biggest restaurants bake pizzas and cakes.

And ordinary housewives they are not inferior, creating wonders in the kitchen. We invite you to participate in our new competition "Culinary records" by writing about the wonderful records, wonderful dishes and culinary skills. Especially since all the dishes, the rest after the culinary feats, so easy to clean up with the help of Fairy.

11 winners   our contest will receive a prize of a set Fairy - effective dishwashing detergent Fairy Lemon (1 liter) and a tea set with Olympic symbols.

 Competition "Culinary records" with Fairy on

1 bottle of Fairy against 10,000 dirty dishes

Recently, the company Procter & Gamble and brand Fairy decided to establish his own record. To this end they invited the inhabitants of Sochi on a dinner enjoy a specially prepared dish of spaghetti bolognese, and then deal with numerous dirty dishes covered with thick fat sauce provided dishwashing detergent Fairy. Moreover, only one bottle (1 liter)! Follow the fight against fat was invited to an official commission and in the coverage of an unusual event took part the famous sports commentator Viktor Gusev. One bottle of Fairy cope with a given vertex 10,000 dirty dishes!

Read the rules of the contest and take part ...

Author: Anna Shustrova