Lena Lenina decided to wear only red
 Writer Lena Lenina chose a new favorite color next television season. Pink and red currant red was her favorite. The reason, she explained with her characteristic simplicity of science: Red - the color of love, passion and romance, and it causes an increased production of hormones in men.

Biologists explain the popularity of red color on a woman in men that during the mating season to attract the males one known and intimate part of the body of the female macaques, chimpanzees and other apes, it becomes red. And even in modern men, the color signal acts on the subconscious like erotikostimulyator, and they treat women in the red as the most vivid sexual object.

The owner of the web manicure studio Lena Lena has long been campaigning all the girls wearing only seductive red manicure. But now, in the worship of red, she decided to go even further. Lenin will now also buy all the clothes and accessories in this color only, but in order to make room new red-pink and acquisitions in the locker room, at the same time, get rid of the fashionable things of other colors, cry threw his admirers on TwitterElena Lenina. "The girls, who are now in Paris? I have decided to release from the wardrobe nekrasnyh things. Write on the site, will give an address, run in and pick all free! Not disappear as good designer)). "

But soon this blog entry had to hurry away, because in the first couple of hours at home Lena had gathered a crowd of living in Paris immigrants from the Soviet Union and the Russian-speaking tourists. Neighbors complained to the police and Leninist charity shop-class "luxury" had to cover. But someone of the girls anyway bird blonde luck managed to sit on the shoulder and glamorous celebrate bunch of brand green-yellow-blue dress.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova