Quiz "VitaMishki - Tasty piece of health! "Moms in the Country
 Social network "Home Moms" together with "Farmamed" holds fascinating quiz, which is dedicated to children's unique complex of vitamins, in the form of tasty jelly bears - VitaMishki. Tasty and healthy gummi bears - VitaMishki have become loyal friends of your child? Which VitaMishki complexes, the most important for your child? Answer the questions and check yourself!

Winners will receive the following prizes:

1st place - certificate Lego 1000 rub + 5 children's vitamin complexes VitaMishki
- VitaMishki Immuno +   sea ​​buckthorn, an active immunity strengthening
- VitaMishki Multi +   with iodine and choline promote the child's mental development
- VitaMishki Calcium +   with vitamin D, children's dental health
- VitaMishki Bio +
with prebiotic - help to restore the intestinal microflora and normalize digestion
- VitaMishki Focus +
blueberry, health children's eyes

2-3 places - 3 complex vitamins VitaMishki:
• VitaMishki Immuno +
• VitaMishki Multi +
• VitaMishki Bio +
4-5 places - 1 complex VitaMishki Immuno +

 Quiz "VitaMishki - Tasty piece of health! "Moms in the Country

 Quiz "VitaMishki - Tasty piece of health! "Moms in the Country

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Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova