Avon is the fragrance Femme
 Wherever she went - all eyes are only on her. She basks in the camera flash, enjoying all the attention, haunting her day and night. It was like a Hollywood icon, embodying in its image of a modern style and incredible grace.
Who is she? This is the girl who wears a new fragrance Femme by Avon.

Now each of the fair sex could be a real star with the new feminine fragrance Femme   from Avon Which is a combination of elegant sparkling freshness fruit notes and floral bouquet of jasmine and magnolia, supplemented with sensual woody.

The fragrance reveals a fascinating combination pink grapefruit, juicy pear   and Jasmine . Heart note - is a charming bouquet magnolia, gardenia   and water lily . Incredible sophistication flavor notes attached Loop amber, peach   and precious musk .

 Avon is the fragrance Femme

The creator of the fragrance Femme , Harry Fremont, representing a perfume house Firmenich, said: "My inspiration to the embodiment of the fragrance was the radiance of a diamond. In it, I wanted to embody the image of the modern woman - a multi-faceted, as if woven of conflicting emotions. The fragrance Femme reveals different aspects of female attractiveness, and is ideal for any situation. "

Stay brilliant every moment help the new lasting fragrance Femme by Avon.

 Avon is the fragrance Femme

The cost of 699 rubles. (catalog 03).

Author: MyCharm.ru: Anna Shustrova