The contest "Summer Days" at Home Moms
 That ends the summer, we enjoy the last warm days, and children - freedom. Another week and will start school routine, but now you can work up and simulated thoroughly. And how wonderful snapshots we bring to walk! Let's share these wonderful moments all the inhabitants of the country, Mom.

Country Mom together with the publishing house "Eksmo" is holding a contest "Summer Days". The winners will receive a set of three books about parenting written by the Faber and Mazlish "ideal parents for 60 minutes," How to talk to children, so that they learn, "" How to talk to the children listened, and how to listen to children talking ".
The winners will be the five authors of the photos with the highest number of votes.

1. "ideal parents for 60 minutes." In this book:

- Excerpts from the legendary techniques Faber and Mazlish - the most important thing!
- Analysis of complex situations in the comics
- Tests on the "right response"
- Practical exercises to consolidate skills
- The answers to topical questions of parents

"The ideal parents for 60 minutes":

- World bestseller since 1992
- More than 3 million copies sold
- The ideal format for busy parents

 The contest "Summer Days" at Home Moms

2. "How to talk to children, so that they learn" A. Faber, Mazlish E.

The second book authors multimillion bestseller "How to talk to the children listened, and how to listen to children talking." The unique strategy of communication simple and accessible dialogues and great comics to help parents and teachers understand how to teach children to focus, self-discipline and make them standouts in school and in life.

 The contest "Summer Days" at Home Moms

3. "How to talk to the children listened, and how to listen to children talking" A. Faber, Mazlish E.

Problems in the relationship with the children there at all. "Why do not you listen, why it is behaving? "- These reproaches are familiar to every child. And every parent sometimes feels powerless when it can not "reach out" to the son or daughter. But maybe the point is that adults do not always know how to bring up their child's thoughts and feelings, and how to understand it?

This book - a reasonable, clear, well-written and humorous guide on how to communicate with children (from preschoolers to teens). No boring theory! Only proven practical advice and examples of live weight for all occasions!
Authors - world-renowned experts in the field of relationship of parents with children - share with the reader as their own experiences (each - three adult children) as well as the experience of many parents attend their seminars.

The book will be of interest to anyone who wants to come to a full understanding with children and for all stop the "generation gap".

 The contest "Summer Days" at Home Moms

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Author: Anna Shustrova