Competition "My stylish accessory" with Avon in the "Home Moms"
 Is it possible to overestimate the role of accessories in the creation of image and personal style? Probably not, because it is on them, you can learn a lot about your inner world, the mood determine the status and even to draw conclusions about your lifestyle. Accessories are the finishing touch that completes the created image, and thus play not the last violin in your way.

Social network "Home Moms" and the world-renowned cosmetics manufacturer Avon invite you to take part in the competition papers "My stylish accessory." We suggest you write about stylish accessories, telling them about the intricacies of selection, combination, benefits and so on. D.

The three winners of the contest will receive a set of dazzling accessories "Luxury gems" from Avon .

The participant, who took 1st place   Competition will become a happy owner ruby and gold collection .

Ruby with gold collection - what could be more luxurious? Deep ruby ​​color has always been considered a symbol of power and traditionally prefer the court. Today, you can feel what it gives splendor magnetic shine your image .

 Competition "My stylish accessory" with Avon in the "Home Moms"

Participants who took 2nd and 3rd places , Will receive a minimum fine sapphire collection .

A collection of "luxury gems" in sapphire colors around you creates the aura of true nobility. The game is deep blue shades gives women born to shine, the feeling of royalty and gourmet refinement .

 Competition "My stylish accessory" with Avon in the "Home Moms"

  "Luxury gem" - a real jewel in the modern incarnation for the most demanding persons. Fine jewelry designer beckon deep shimmering rubies and sapphires. "Luxury gem" will be a delightful addition to an evening dress or a bright accent in the everyday image .

Each collection (and, accordingly, the prize set) comprises:
- Earrings
- Ring
- Necklace
- A chain with a pendant
- Two bracelets

The contest will run from October 30 to November 30, 2012 . Results will be announced on December 1, 2012. Articles that satisfy all the conditions will be published in the Encyclopedia of Women

Read the rules and take part in the competition.

Author: Anna Shustrova