Culinary Quiz from the site not dull weekend at a gastronomic festival
 Hilarious "What? Where? When? "For the most erudite culinary held last weekend, June 23 and 24 at the Exhibition Centre in the framework of the gastronomic festival FEST EDAkov. The organizer was the merry quiz website

Participants recalled the history of the emergence of familiar dishes, learn to count calories, determined dietichnost products and, of course, fought for the possession of the main prizes: the most powerful scholars in the field of healthy and delicious cooking left a wonderful gift - electrical household appliances brand Philips, will become the main sponsor of this competition.

 Culinary Quiz from the site not dull weekend at a gastronomic festival

Of course, there were no tricky questions and surprising answers: we tried to make our competition not dull and exciting, so that both participants and spectators will remember it for long. Do you want to present yourself in the role of the participants to check their own knowledge? Remember the answers to the three most tricky quiz questions:

- Despite the fact that this spice - a true aristocrat happens, neither more nor less, of the orchid family, today it is found in the arsenal of almost any housewife. She has a sweet, unmistakable smell; It is not only used as a flavoring in cooking but also in perfumes, but in the latter, due to the high cost, often used a synthetic analogue of our heroine. However, the sweet pastry is unthinkable without it - together with the icing sugar gives this orchid sweet fragrant notes of almost any dessert.

- Without this low-calorie plant of the Cucurbitaceae family is difficult to imagine a meal: it is salted, pickled, eaten raw, and even fried. His homeland - India, although he successfully growing both in Russia and all over the world, comes in many dishes, as in Iran even served on the table with sweets. There are many monuments of this plant, and on July 27 the International Day of the plant. As it is used in cosmetics and even medicine. Its closest relative - the zucchini.

- The homeland of this useful and delicious fermented milk product is considered to Bulgaria, although to this day, many states are trying to contest his right to the invention of this useful goodies .  The name of it comes from Turkey, the literal translation would be the word "condensed" .  In ancient times, the Scythians, and some other nomadic peoples related to them were transported milk wineskins on the backs of horses and donkeys .  From the air, and wool products fall bacteria fermented in the heat and the constant shaking complete the deal, milk is transformed into a thick sour drink with remarkable properties: it is not spoiled for a long time and still maintain all of its useful qualities .  Nevertheless, it Bulgarian bacillus open bell student is now the basis for the manufacture of the product, as well as milk .  In Bulgaria there are clear criteria for the quality of the product, and only in accordance with them, he may be called by its name .  This product - a treat not only independent, but also an excellent dressing for salads in dietary cooking, the basis for desserts . 

 Culinary Quiz from the site not dull weekend at a gastronomic festival

Do you want to know all the answers? Read and get new information about their favorite foods and healthy eating. With us bored!

Author: Marina Tumovskaya