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Elena Sparrow: diagnosis - Artist
Proverbial saying about the shoemaker without shoes certainly can not be attributed to the beloved actress Elena Sparrow. After our conversation I got the impression that this woman can infect their positive and active anyone! But with all this ease, artistry and cheerful Elena it proves to easily get on and other qualities - discipline, responsibility, confidence in words and deeds, as well as great wisdom and ability to be a mother. That falls on the shoulders of modern fragile woman and how to be a good mother in our difficult times, told the People's favorite Elena Sparrow!

For the first time in the First
The older we get, the less likely to make new friendships. And so it is gratifying when they appear in our lives. And if it is also a meeting with the generous soul, dedicated professionals and pleasant in all respects people ... Our first visit to the hospital №1.

Yoga for Two
If you are expecting a baby, yoga - the perfect way to maintain good health and relax at the same time. However, not all forms of yoga suitable for expectant mothers. That's why experts fitness clubs World Class developed authorial training program for pregnant women. With it, we have met.

Horoscopes and predictions
They can believe or not believe, to read or not to read, follow them or not, but the fact that they are taking place in our life - this fact to deny anybody and never will. And is it necessary? Horoscopes and predictions have been around for thousands of years and still did not lose its popularity. Just one refers to such information in their own way: someone - skeptical, while others perceive it as a guide to action. The place of astrology and predictions in the life of famous mothers and fathers have told us themselves star persona.

Ani Lorak: catch all
This young and incredibly beautiful girl with confidence can be called a workaholic. But so right workaholic who skillfully puts life priorities. Not a very busy tour schedule, or record a new album, or shooting videos or participate in all kinds of awards and festivals - nothing distracts popular singer Ani Lorak from the most important in the life of every woman - mother. Little Sofiyka bathed in the love and care of his mom and grows, literally in front of her. Here's a good example of how to combine the seemingly incompatible - family and career.

Taste of victory: as it was
Soon London will become the epicenter of attraction for the hundreds of tourists and sports fans who are eagerly awaiting the start of the Summer Olympic Games.
We also hope to see the brilliant performances of our athletes, their triumphant ascent to the podium with medals on his chest and hear the sounds of the anthem of his native country. However, only the parents of our champions know how much effort, nerves and many hours of training have been to this wonderful but bystroprehodyaschego moment of triumph. In anticipation of the XXX Summer Olympic Games mom and dad pearls of sports in our country remembered what was their moment of victory of their own children!

Rainbow Summer
Summer - a favorite time of year those fashionistas who are not afraid to experiment with color. It is in this warm period of bright rainbow colors as never appropriate in any situation. Shorts, Bermudas, short skirts, dresses - trapeze free cut, trousers, light jeans, jumper with a fancy "leaky" pattern, cotton vests classic style - this season the designers encourage any choice of boys and girls and resemble only one thing - the color of dress should be bright, intense and "delicious"!

Elardzhi - Georgian hospitality
Among the Arbat lanes at the intersection of streets of old Moscow placed an oasis of family happiness - Restaurant   "Elardzhi" A place where you can not only taste the delicious homemade cuisine with traditional Georgian khachapuri, mantle lobio, but also completely escape from the city and experience the atmosphere of a cozy country life.

Why do you need to carefully choose fruits and vegetables?
In recent years, more and more pediatricians urge parents to think about what products are suitable for feeding the baby. After all, before each mother sooner or later the question arises, what to choose: fruits and vegetables from the market, the products from the kitchen garden, or baby food.

School watercolors Andriaka
The idea to visit the school with watercolors Andriaka tour I did not leave for two years, from the moment when I first came here in the exhibition "The Beauty of God's world." What impressed me most incredibly beautiful paintings by still very young artists. Therefore, just before final exams, in the midst of the creative process, we decided to visit the school to see with their own eyes how young hands are real masterpieces.

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