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Anna and Boris Grachevsky: on the sunny side of life
What has not been contacted in various editions of this pair: someone genuinely happy for their happy union, someone openly gloated, relying on an impressive difference in the age of spouses, while others just jealous and come up with all kinds of nonsense. But all our possible doubts disappeared suddenly when the artistic director of "Jumble" - a perky and young - along with the beautiful wife just waltzed to the Children's Gallery "Yakimanka", where we have agreed to hold a photo shoot for our magazine. About love, which began with the friendship of a quiet wedding and the imminent addition to the family exclusively to our readers we told Anna and Boris Grachevsky.

The name for the Stars
Choosing names for kids povychurnee - this seems to be competing now almost all the Hollywood stars. According to psychologists who study the impact of the name of a person, the fashion reflects the desire of celebrities to emphasize their individuality. But it was not always so. The pioneers in this way were the musicians and actors who want to think about them, as the outstanding creative personalities, and not about the stars.

Pregnant and sexy
Pregnancy - is a wonderful time in a woman's life, a period of new feelings, emotions and discoveries. The woman in the nine months goes the way of the transformation of the "dolls" in the "butterfly" of the girls mother. Tastes, preferences and desires of a young mother changing. Differently perceived by the most ordinary things. What we talk about such a delicate and sensitive area as intimacy?

Is it afraid of hormonal?
When during pregnancy there is a need to use hormones, many expectant mothers panic: they say, it's sure to have a negative impact on the child. Today we will try to debunk some of the myths associated with the use of various medication, paying particular attention to those associated with a surface coating.

Operation during pregnancy: Is there a danger?
Waiting for the baby - an enjoyable and exciting time, despite the difficulties inherent in this period, and malaise. However, there may be concomitant diseases requiring surgical intervention.

Secrets of the true beauty
Nine months of happiness can make even a little happier, and this will help the modern woman spa treatments. Thanks to them, you can not only solve specific cosmetic problems faced by future moms, but also to improve the physical and mental state. Journey to the center of the beauty of the popular actress Olga Kabo.

Beauty and terrible force
Expectant mothers from the mid-pregnancy, doctors recommend wearing a bandage. But not everyone can get started right away with him. How to support the tummy and look at this beautiful? And no clothes is not enough future mums?

Vision problems. How to give birth?
People wearing glasses with diopters, gradually getting smaller. But the number of those who have impaired vision increases. Paradox? Not at all. Just today glasses lenses can be easily replaced, making operation with retinal detachment, and externally in everyday life it will look great. However, if a woman is preparing to become a mother, she had the presence of vision problems should make the doctor think about the choice of mode of delivery.

Under a still stone
To give birth should be actively and freely - that is taught now in training for childbirth, talk about it, many doctors, it's advised to books and magazines for expectant mothers. Sometimes medical woman all the time of delivery - and they can last, and 12 hours or even longer - to be held in a horizontal position. Why is this happening, whether it is necessary to argue with your doctor and how to make their forced lying most comfortable for the baby - and for yourself?

Enough milk for all
A nursing mother knows: the milk is always in the chest as much as you need baby. Wise nature has taken care to provide tasty and healthy meals not only one baby, but twins and triplets.

Eat at night to your health!
At the meal with the 18 hours until the next morning in most dietary recommendations taboo. But if the adult is usually almost perfectly, the situation is quite different with the kids.

Ideal forms
After several months passed with large pregnant belly, so I want to hurry back to being slim and attractive! But those extra few kilos really do not want to leave, and tummy does not look fit and flatter. We must somehow to lose weight and lead yourself into shape. How to cope moms discussing the burning issues in the forums on the Internet?

Toys with the prefix "eco"
Difficult childhood, wooden toys - this is not about mocking saying today's children. Now the toys made of natural materials - wood, hemp, wool and the like inconspicuous simplicity - in price. They demand more of their colorful plastic counterparts, and are more expensive.

 Magazine "» № 7 - 2012

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