Men's new Hot Water Night by Davidoff
 The fragrance for men Hot Water was released in 2009 and was touted as the smell of fire, woven from high-power red chord red basil, red pepper and burning resin. At the end of this year, the fiery flavor will be continued - part version of Hot Water Night.

Hot Water Night - courageous and intense flavor with an emphasis on burning spices. The top notes are intertwined black pepper and juniper berries. In the heart - an alliance of rose absolutes and cedar notes. Base - soft and East: ambergris and oud.

New Hot Water Night presented in a bottle of the same shape as the Hot Water, only painted in black. The decor in the form of the logo and the name of scarlet flavor adds some mystery and aggressive way of flavor.

 Men's new Hot Water Night by Davidoff

The smell comes out in a volume of 110 ml, in the form of intensive toilet water (Eau de Toilette Intense).

Author: Julia Gnedina