Mocco Latte - a new look at the dishes on Röndell
 Röndell breaks stereotypes! Now Mocco Latte - is not only a variety of coffee, but also elegant collection of utensils, embodied in two exquisite colors: mocha and latte

What fundamentally distinguishes the dishes collection Mocco Latte   - Is its unique design and the embodiment of all the best qualities of utensils for cooking!

Made of extruded aluminum, the collection Mocco Latte   It has special qualities. Die-cast aluminum, the material from which made the frying pan and casserole collection of different solidity and durability: its thickness is 4 mm. Through the bottom of the dish with a micro cell to the inside of the dish is prepared retain maximum juiciness. In addition, the bottom is ideal for ceramic and induction cookers, which require very careful handling.

 Mocco Latte - a new look at the dishes on Röndell

Tableware Collection Mocco Latte   It provides a unique three-layer non-stick coating TriTitan Spectrum®   titanium-based - it is absolutely harmless (no PFOA) and durable! Dishes with this coating have long appreciated the most demanding chefs: on it is easy and pleasant to prepare not only tasty but also healthy food - now you can forget about the use of large amounts of fat and water! With sustained damage coverage TriTitan Spectrum®   possible use of any accessories, even the metal blades.

Another advantage of cookware collections Mocco Latte   - Riveted mount all the accessories that guarantee the reliability and durability.

 Mocco Latte - a new look at the dishes on Röndell

Unique design collection Mocco Latte   - One of its main advantages.

Because of its forms, this cookware is not only extremely attractive but also ergonomic - it is easy and comfortable to stir the prepared dishes and the combined caps of the heat-resistant glass with a rim of silicone for buckets and pans are special holes for easy draining of liquid through the cover. Now you do not need to remove or shift the cover from the collection of buckets and pans Mocco Latte   or use attachments: even the smallest products (cereal, noodles) is not "float away" with the drainage through three sizes of holes for drainage. At the same time bezel silicone caps provide maximum snug fit cover to the upper edge of pots, saucepans and buckets that allows you to keep the juiciness and softness of the dishes! Accumulation of heat in a tightly closed lid, creating a vicious cycle of evaporation, allowing you to cook in a pot without the use of oil and water, or with a minimal amount of that retains the natural taste of food. In addition, the silicone ring allows the lid to close it quietly, providing even more comfort in the "dialogue" with dishes Mocco Latte .

To facilitate the work with the objects of this unique collection will help you as stainless steel handles, finished with silicone. Ergonomic and pleasant to the touch, they do not slip and do not heat up.

 Mocco Latte - a new look at the dishes on Röndell

The collection Mocco Latte   You will find everything you need to prepare a delicious, useful and original dishes:
Mocco - the two pans of different diameters (20 cm and 24), three pans of different diameters (24, 26, 28 cm), ladle saucepan and bakeware three species.
Latte - the three pans of different diameters (24, 26, 28 cm) and a saucepan (26 cm).

You can choose an optimal amount of items in this collection of dishes - from 1, 6 l to 3, 5 l.

Collection dishes Mocco Latte   It meets the high requirements of the most demanding chefs of the new generation for whom elegance is the same way an integral part of the product, as well as its highest quality.

All items of the collection of dishes Mocco Latte   by Röndell suitable for all kinds of stoves and dishwashers. A gift box and the included recipe book of original dishes with coffee and cocoa make this unique dishes in a lovely gift for friends and loved ones!

About Röndell
Company Röndell GmbH (Germany) operates in the market of professional cookware since 1988, and over the years became a recognized expert in the development of its design and technology. Since its inception, the company invests heavily in the development of high technologies used in professional cookware. Since 2006, under the brand name Röndell can buy utensils, adapted for home use in the middle price segment. In 2006, the exclusive distributor Röndell in the CIS and Eastern Europe has become a Russian company Golder Electronics.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila