Sweet breakfast may help weight loss
 The publication Time published encouraging news: it turns out, dessert for breakfast diet does not destroy, but rather helps to reduce weight. That is the conclusion drawn by researchers from Tel Aviv University.

They studied 200 obese people. They were divided into two groups. All study adhered strictly on calorie eating plan, a day for women is not more than 1400 calories for men - 1,600 calories. The difference was that one was allowed to eat breakfast 600 calories and carbohydrates in the form of chocolate, biscuits, donuts or pastries. A second group ate a breakfast of low-carbohydrate calorie total only 300 calories. However, both groups of patients was obtained on B protein (as tuna, egg whites, cheese, skim milk).

After 16 weeks on the diet, patients from both groups lost weight in an average of about 15-16 kilograms each. And scientists have begun to believe that the dessert for breakfast does not change that, too bad, agree. However, in the last weeks of the study, those who ate breakfast with a low-carb, regaining an average of 10-11 kilos, and people who eat dessert for breakfast continued to lose weight even about 7-8 kilograms each.

Group consuming cakes and chocolate mousse for breakfast, said it experienced during the day to eat less traction and less hunger. Scientists say that one goal of any diet is not just a weight loss, and a decrease in appetite and hunger, and patients from the first group with this excellent job.

The success of the experiment, the doctors explained not only by the fact that patients were able to reduce appetite. Another reason - psychological. Allow yourself a little fun every day - a key strategy, patients feel satisfied, not limiting themselves to the sweet. They do not have to "break" at the end of the day, overeating or drinking alcohol, because at the beginning of the day they will enjoy. The main thing that morning dessert was not too plentiful. It may even be a piece of cake, but only one.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina