The contest "The recipes of Italian cuisine"
 About Italy ... sunny country with ancient traditions, rich in history and great cultural heritage. Country grand carnival, Mediterranean beaches and fine dining. Italian cuisine is popular and diverse. In addition to pizza and pasta in Italy are preparing many other famous worldwide dishes: minestrone, lasagna, risotto, gnocchi, tiramisu ...

Site and publishing Eksmo invite you to take part in the new culinary competition "Recipes Italian cuisine." From December 30 to January 29, 2013 inclusive, publish in the competitive group "The recipes of Italian cuisine"   their recipes of Italian dishes, photographs illustrate their own authorship, calculated calorie and win great prizes!

The first prize will determine the user voting - that is, it takes the author of the recipe, which received the most votes.

The second prize will determine the choice of the administration
The third prize will be determined by selection of the representatives of the sponsor of the competition - publishers EKSMO.

The winners of this competition will receive a prize - a luxury book Ella's Martineau "Italy at the festive table ' .

 The contest "The recipes of Italian cuisine"

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Author: Anna Shustrova