Competition for «Symphony of Spring"
 Spring, despite the fact that winter is persistently losing ground, still came (or will come). And we can finally see, hear, feel what is called the spring - the smell of fresh earth, herbs, drops and sounds of this first of the rain, a warm breeze and the gentle spring sun.

Someone lucky and spring has encouraged them, some do not, but not in this case. Imagination and desire to create has not been canceled.

We offer all wishing to write in the "Games with the words" his "Symphony of Spring" - their feelings or expectations of this wonderful time of year.

The sponsor of the competition - brand AVON give five users whose work will be the spring sets of new products: a gentle, exciting aroma Infinite Moment and the world's first lipstick in a shell of transparent gel, which will give a luxurious color and amazing shine to your lips - Shine Attract.

 Competition for «Symphony of Spring"

To take part in the competition, you need to consist in the "Word games". Join this group here & gt; & gt; & gt ;. And write an essay on the theme of spring - the coming of spring, about his impressions of the spring.

Rules of the competition are simple, read them carefully, please visit