Cooking Show TELEKUHNYA on Household Appliances Exhibition will run for three days!
 According to the organizers, fans can enjoy cooking even more workshops as TELEKUHNYA show will take place not only at the weekend, 14 and 15 April, and Friday, April 13!

The program includes:

• Easter recipes;

• exciting culinary game «A LA CARTE» of channel "Telecafe" with the participation of showman Alexander Pryanikov;

• African and pizza acrobatics show from the farm cooks "Pirovny";

• workshops:
- Honorary Ambassador of the Spanish gastronomy in Russia;
- Presenters of the channel "TV Kitchen" Elena Kozyreva and Alena Spirina;
- Chefs cooking studio presenter and author Julia Vysotsky,
- Magazines «Jamie Magazine», «Shape-Menu», «Saveurs» and «Just. Delicious";
- Restaurant "Carlson» GINZA PROJECT, «Planet Sushi», «NOA Lounge & Laboratory», bakeries "Muffin" and the largest producer of spices «Santa Maria»;
- The world's largest manufacturers of household appliances Gorenje, Stadler Form, Korting;

• barman show from a group of liqueurs «BOLS»;

• Barista show from "Montana Coffee";

• master classes in Thai, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Pakistani and Russian cuisine.

Special guests of the show, who will share their favorite recipes of dishes: the participant of the "Star Factory" Alexander Kireev   and popular DJ, former player of the Russian national team, Ruslan Nigmatullin !

You will enjoy the sea of ​​gifts, prizes and surprises!

What is different about the show TELEKUHNYA other culinary events? First of all, the show takes place in the framework of the exposition appliances in the largest exhibition of consumer electronics Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo. This proximity allows visitors not only learn skills during cooking classes, but also to get acquainted with the latest household, photos, audio, video, mobile, and computer equipment.

Exposure HOME APPLIANCES gather on the platform of the leading producers and distributors of equipment for the kitchen and home, as well as products for health and beauty, such as Gorenje, Karcher, Supra, Korting, Fratelli Onofri, Stadler Form, Rusklimat, Climadiff, Darin, Orsk Refrigerator Plant , GA.MA, Polaris, L'GEN, Rosinproject, Termikel, De Luxe, Unit, Kraft, Saturn, MIKMA, Grand Master, Hot Frost, VestFrost and many others.

Among the other most interesting events of the exhibition - studio "World Photography Stars" and "Music in the frame," master classes in photography, first-run photos, audio, video, mobile, and computer hardware, accessories products from Apple, exclusive High End equipment and home theater systems.

Exhibition of Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo - is not just a parade of technologies and captivating show, this is the place where all family members can discover something new and interesting!

Schedule TELEKUHNYA cooking show and other entertainment events exhibition Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo site

Hurry! You still have time to register and get a free ticket to visit the cooking show TELEKUHNYA Exhibition Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2012!

 Cooking Show TELEKUHNYA on Household Appliances Exhibition will run for three days!

Author: Julia Gnedina