Dove wants to ordinary women have been in his new ad
 Ordinary women, not models, has a chance to become the face of a new advertising campaign cosmetic brand Dove. To do this, you need to have an account on Facebook or visit the English site Dove, know a little English and have a good photo.

We know that the Dove promotes the natural beauty of women, any color, any color hair and any complexion. Therefore, a new idea Dove is understandable. Mark invites you to his page on the social network Facebook ( each of us. You can also go to an English-language website of the brand, which introduced a new advertising idea Show Us Your Skin (show us your skin). There you can download any of your photo, which is represented in the best way your skin.

And, wait for the result. Dove will select the most interesting pictures and place them on a new advertising poster. Probably the most successful and the fee is due))))

Author: Julia Gnedina