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May - a wonderful time. Nature gives us a warm, sunny days and beautiful flowers, the state - a string of holidays and weekends. The more adventurous have already applied for leave to take this opportunity to go for a vacation once for 10 days. But those who for a long time to break away from work may remain to plan how to spend three or four days the maximum concisely and to the benefit of themselves, their children and the whole family.

The May issue of our magazine we have tried to make a very meaningful, rich and bright. There are both interesting and thoughtful articles and interviews, as well as special projects and fun colorful traditional consultations leading experts' " All readers acquainted with a new number, we suggest you start with the heading "Announcements". This will help you to orient in a series of cultural events planned for May, and to make plans for the weekend.

Under the heading "Tour" will make fascinating trip to the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction - one of the leading maternity hospitals in our country, a unique medical center, which is a highly skilled multidisciplinary care gynecological patients and pregnant women.

Traditional column "Close-up" will demonstrate you must have for pregnant women - a bag-transformer for pregnant women - and children's tent XXI - a tent for games and recreation. Category 'Who Knows? "Raise the veil of secrecy over the issue of children and obzyvalkah teaser, and the heading" Kitchen "will offer you new ideas children's dishes and recipes for the whole family.

Join bright world "" and toil in May, you do not have to!

Also in this issue: Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist, a pediatrician, an interview with Sergei Safronov, a review of the best children's products from Sergei Zhukov and Regina Burd, fitness coaching, rating the best children's model schools, horoscope.

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