New collection Pantene «Intensive restoration" - your hair is perfect on any given day
 Pantene is a real revolution in the field of tools for hair care. For the first 20 years of Pantene changed everything! New tools, unique technology, advanced formulas, updated design packages

All that is needed for women - is hair that looks healthy, shiny, voluminous and obedient always, no split ends or curls sticking out. However, according to research *, 75% of women noticed that by the end of the day displeased his hair, even if in the morning they are satisfied. 14% of respondents recognized that the hair loses its appearance already on his way to work in the morning and one in three suffers from the fact that the sum of their hair before dinner. At the same time they can not find the right care that would fit just for their hair. What is the result? Do your hair - another bad day. But with the new Pantene situation is changing dramatically!

In February 2012, we present one of the first products of the renewed series - a collection "Intensive restoration"   for normal to thick hair. The composition of the formula of the new product has entered a "super polymer" Triquat-76 . This patented polymer that creates a perfect base for nutrition and moisturizing the hair, protecting hair from damage.

 New collection Pantene «Intensive restoration" - your hair is perfect on any given day

The collection "Intensive restoration" for normal hair includes a shampoo, conditioner conditioner, mask and unique new product line PANTENE - Spray "Thermal and shine."

As a result of studies carried out for 7 years in the most famous institutes and laboratories around the world have proved that it is a clear understanding of the structure of hair, a unique combination of innovative ingredients and the transformation of this knowledge into the system of personalized solutions - depends on the creation of an ideal means of care hair. Pantene Research Associates in conjunction with the space research laboratories have developed a new technology that detects the physical and chemical properties of the hair structure. As a result of this work it has been allocated 3 basic types of structures - thin, normal / thick and dyed hair. It turned out that hair type can be determined not only by the way they look, but their interaction with the means to care.

Normal hair are composed of 2-fold more protein than thin hair. This makes them more dense and can absorb up to 40% more nutrients, but at the same time - tough and rebellious. In order to "pacify" such hair, making them more pliable, they need special care.

New tools Pantene - are new formulas and new ingredients that meet the specific needs of each of the three types of hair structure. With their hair look healthy much longer. For a more pronounced effect Pantene recommends a multi-systemic hair care. It is in complex application means Pantene «Intensive restoration" work most effectively and give your hair beauty, softness and healthy shine.

The effect of the new collection can be felt almost immediately - on the second day of use, the hair becomes soft, shiny and voluminous.

* Large-scale studies conducted Ranked Among 2751 women aged 20 to 40 years old

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila