- 3 days before the opening: Things to meet the spring fashion!
 Time - is fleeting; left behind the winter holidays with their joyful bustle and fireworks events frosty weekday deficit ultraviolet, and covered with snow anticipation of spring.

Much to the delight of those who yearned for the warm rays of the sun, attracting the March wind, harbinger of spring, March - already quite close. Let the front of the off-season, and sometimes it seems that this winter will be eternal; chase away the blues and winter depression! In front of the sea the sun, kilometers of blue sky flying dress and romance spring season.

In total some three days separated the February from the spleen attack the calendar spring. And only three days left until the event, which will impress any of fashionistas - opening of the project

This means that only 72 hours left before the curtain rises, and open the door for those who are among the first, in spite of the weather forecast and climatic conditions, will be able to meet his spring here and now, with

Unfortunately, we can not influence the weather and the direction of the wind, but we promise you - those who will be celebrating the coming of spring with us - waiting for the hottest news from the catwalks, the hottest debate the latest ideas and best iridescent paint. Offers you expert advice - image maker, the professional photographer, make-up - all to make your spring saturated, colorful, warm and fashionable!

Leave your e-mail to, if you have not already done previously, invite friends - and your spring will come right on schedule - March 1!

Meet the fashionable spring with us!