A famous fashion photographer Roman Kadaria held an exclusive photo shoot for TRYMAX
 In the capital's fitness club "Marcus Aurelius" Veshnyaki Roman Kadaria photo session entitled "Sport and force" specifically for TRYMAX Russia. The survey was attended by world-class athlete in powerlifting champion of Russia and the world of power sports, multiple prize-winner of the Russian Cup on power extreme, world record holder and a Russian hero Mikhail Sidorychev, multiple world champion in bodybuilding, the absolute champion of Moscow and Russia, personal trainer, the personification of femininity and beauty in one of the heavy sports Lyudmila Tuboltseva and World and European champion in bodybuilding and body fitness, a member of Team Extreme Whey Natalia Mikhailova.

The key idea of ​​shooting - to show the beauty, strength and plasticity of the human body. Creating an ideal figure - a long process and requires a huge effort. Daily work with a huge load helps to achieve the desired result. Heroes of the shooting and perfect, like the ancient Atlanteans, they keep on their shoulders the whole world.

Roman Kadaria   - One of the most successful and sought-after photographers in Moscow. Some of his works include numerous shooting for the stars of the Russian show business, as well as exclusive art projects: "Stars and Diamonds", "Angels and Demons", "From dawn to dusk," and so forth.

Roman Kadaria commented shooting: "I had in my professional life to take a lot of beautiful people. The peculiarity of this session is that its characters - not just people with a beautiful body and shape, and the beautiful landscape. Every muscle, bending, or shadow line fine by themselves, and the picture - but a reflection of perfection " .

 A famous fashion photographer Roman Kadaria held an exclusive photo shoot for TRYMAX

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Author: Julia Gnedina