Holidays increase the number of heart attacks
 All the fault is certainly not running around shopping and excitement about presents and shopping to the table. We are talking about banal eating and abundant drinking.

Scientists note that in December - a month, which accounts for the peak of heart attacks. Heavy drinking and irregular diet is crucial.

When we drink, the body is dehydrated, the body needs electrolytes destroyed. The heart goes into fibrillation. Then people sit down for a bountiful table, and blood pressure shoots up. There are times when the heart simply can not cope with this load, this leads to cardiac arrest. And this development is observed not only drinking, it can occur in anyone who is too uncontrollably begins to eat and drink, and it is a shock to their body.

Remember the little rules, how to minimize the effect on New Year's parties. And tell your family and friends:

- Avoid excessive eating and abundant drinking.
- The day before the holiday as much as possible try to drink water, the body will take better holiday if it is sufficiently moist.
- Sodium and potassium should be present in the diet before the holiday.
- One day before the feast, try not to take any medication. Even harmless pill cough can affect the development of the heart. Most drugs accumulate in the blood, which eventually leads to liver damage. The effect is compounded if the drugs are combined with alcohol.

In the happy and joyful holiday there is a recipe - everything should be in moderation.

Author: Julia Gnedina