It revealed the secret of why women live longer than men
 Scientists have studied the sleep of women and men. It was found that women in general have a more healthy sleep than men. Moreover, even in households where there are young children, moms sleep better dads. Doctors from the University of Pittsburgh have considered that having a healthy sleep in women and longer duration of life is directly linked.

Women sleep better, women have better health, and women live longer. Everything is connected with each other - says Associate Professor Daniel J. Bice, a professor of psychiatry, University of Pittsburgh.

Studies show that women are not only more healthy sleep, but generally longer than men. This is despite the fact that women are more prone to insomnia, and often complain of lack of sleep.

The study of more than a thousand patients found that sleep 8 hours or more than 30% of women and only 22% of men.

Particularly outspoken study include the fact that the mother is young children sleep much more than fathers.

The reason for the different nature of men and women sleep. A deep phase of sleep in women occurs almost immediately after falling asleep. Therefore, lack of sleep is not so much impact on the health of women, like the men's health.

Author: Julia Gnedina