Miranda Kerr raised the sale of coconut oil, but nutritionists against
 Miranda Kerr is already a few months after birth participated in photo shoots, and six months later showed superflat belly on promotional photo of the new collection of swimwear from the Victoria `s Secret. Naturally, many girls in the world are interested in the recipe of her post-Babe figure.

A recipe is simple. 28-year-old Miranda said in an interview that her favorite product since childhood coconut oil. On the day only need 4 tablespoons, it can be added to salads, main dishes and even green tea. Thereafter, the skin and hair models look great, and the weight is reduced, thanks to fatty acids contained in coconut oil.

The owners of grocery stores around the world are wondering: just one interview and sale of coconut oil in their stores soared. For example, the director of the Dutch health food stores (625 points in the country) reported an increase in demand for coconut oil by 50 percent. And this increase has occurred in recent months.

At the same time, nutritionists warn that too much should not be consumed inside the coconut oil, it contains a lot of saturated fat and calories (15 grams - 135). Furthermore, coconut is 50% of the fatty acids lauric called. If getting its excess, it may lead to coronary heart disease.

Therefore, the main way to get the benefits of coconut oil - outside. Cosmetologists say that this oil has a small molecular structure that allows it to be absorbed through the skin. It is better to add the coconut oil in creams, lotions, conditioners - experts say about it.

Photo: Victoria's Secret

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina