Russia is preparing a home with Braun!
 Cooking - is an art that requires creativity and inspiration, and cooking at home - a special philosophy, which for each family has its own individual faces and special rituals. Sharing this philosophy, Braun announces the start and the active support of the movement "Russian cook at home"

Any cooking has nothing to do with the oppressive daily routine and simple set of mechanical actions. Cooking encouraging, and this process can be a real pleasure - after all, what could be nicer than to enjoy delicious homemade dishes prepared with a soul. This approach underlies the movement Braun "Russia is preparing at home" .

 Russia is preparing a home with Braun!

Professional chefs Yuri Rozhkov and Kostantin Ivlev - happy to demonstrate how in a short time, from a fairly simple set of products using appliances Braun cook a decent table meeting unexpectedly nagryanuvshaya friends, spontaneous romantic dinner or a delicious New Year's menu will surprise and please your guests .

Each of us at least sometimes cook at home. A wide range of products on the shelves and the use of modern technology today allows you to easily prepare at home an exquisite culinary masterpieces, traditionally considered solely restaurant meals.

No matter what you are cooking - fresh juice for breakfast on the run before work, soups for baby meat or traditional salads for a family dinner, lemon pie recipe of your grandmother, special dishes for a romantic dinner for two or a dish for a festive family celebration. It is important how you prepare - paying attention to every detail and getting pleasure from it. With the soul of making the menu and choosing the dishes that will delight your loved ones. With love in selecting only the freshest ingredients for future meals. Paying special attention to the decoration, table setting and aesthetics of the meal. And, of course, by the use of only the most reliable and trusted assistants who take care of all the difficulties in the preparation of - household appliances Braun.

 Russia is preparing a home with Braun!

Braun invites you to join the movement "Russia is preparing at home" By taking part in the same competition. Anyone who likes to cook and is willing to share his secrets can post recipes on the contest page at Description of menus and recipes, pictures of meals and table service, complemented by the story of the occasion on which it was cooked, the contest allows participants to not just win other prizes from Braun, but also to become the founder of the movement "Russian cook at home."

Runners-up will be able to do an internship in a team of famous chefs and top culinary program "Eat it immediately" on STS Konstantin Ivlev and Yuri Rozhkov. Semifinalists will find a fascinating master class with Konstantin Ivlev and Yuri Rozhkov, and the rest of the authors of the best recipes will get prizes from Braun.

The competition starts on 17 November 2011 and will consist of 5 stages of qualifying, semifinals and finals. The competition results will be announced on June 17, 2012.

Cook at home, share their original recipes and become the owner of the fabulous prizes from Braun!

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila