SOS-regenerating body balm from NIVEA
 New SOS-balm for the body specially designed for fast
Recovery is very dry and dehydrated skin. The softening composition of its formulas contain panthenol and calendula oil, which contribute to the rapid recovery of the skin, and due to the unique technology of intelligent moisturizing Hydra-IQ Balm activates the natural moisturizing system.

If you use this tool, the skin will always be well hydrated and it will be much easier to recover. Meet the spring, substituting under the sun's rays smooth and well moisturized skin - what could be better!

SOS-regenerating body balm:

• Restores the skin
• Eliminates the feeling of dryness and tightness of skin
• intensively moisturizes for 24 hours
• Quickly absorbed

  Panthenol   It has great potential as a tool for rehabilitation It is successfully used in dermatology and in cosmetics as:

- Stimulates the regeneration of cells in the deeper layers of the epidermis;
- Heals damaged skin, accelerates epithelialization;
- Has an intensive moisturizing effect.

Moisturize with a new technology of HYDRA IQ . A unique new technology of intelligent moisturizing Hydra IQ stimulates aquaporins (conductors natural moisture in the skin cells), cell by cell by improving the level of skin moisture. In 2003, Peter Arp won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of aquaporins.

 SOS-regenerating body balm from NIVEA

Author: Julia Gnedina