The new fragrance Delicacy (delicacy) from Oriflame
 The new fragrance - step into the world not just perfume, but also the culinary arts. The fragrance is dedicated to the famous pastry chef Christophe Michalak, whose masterpieces inspired by perfumers to create brand new items.

Christophe Mahalak in 2005 became the first in the World Cup to create a confectionery. Himself, he never calls pastry chef or cook, only a "fashion designer of confectionary art." He puts the candy, not the women, and the rest - the same high fashion.

In creating the fragrance involved young perfumer Marie Salamayn that worked on hits for perfume houses Guerlain, Gres, Yves Rocher, Jesus del Pozo, Vivienne Westwood and Kenzo. For Oriflame Marie created a fragrance Midnight Pearl.

The bottle of the new fragrance is in the form of a flower - the one who was represented by Christophe Championship as a contest entry. It was a splendid dessert - a small almond cake, covered with air mousse.

 The new fragrance Delicacy (delicacy) from Oriflame

Naturally, the perfume composition is composed notes sweets and desserts. Top notes include shades of black currant, pink pepper and pear. The notes of the "heart" - pink cookies, strawberries, raspberries. Basic combination - musk, bourbon vanilla and praline.

 The new fragrance Delicacy (delicacy) from Oriflame

The aroma is released in the form EDT (50ml), accompanied by a collection of the same name: hand cream and body cream. This is - an international novelty 2011.

Author: Julia Gnedina