Win big encyclopedia of needlework!
 Do you know of such online resources as female Encyclopedia WomanWiki? Many of you have probably already been to this site, and some may even have your articles posted there. The encyclopedia was published more than 600 articles, but for needlework - just half a dozen. That is why Handstitched portal invites needlewomen keen to take part in the competition for papers WomanWiki and win big colorful encyclopedia of needlework.

The competition is held on handmade portal from August 25 to September 25, 2011 .

According to the results of the contest will be selected 3 winners, each of whom will receive the most colorful encyclopedia of needlework. The best part is that you can choose your favorite book from the list:

- Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework
- Embroidery ribbons. Big Encyclopedia
- Complete Encyclopedia of sewing
- Complete Encyclopedia. Sewing. A good tutorial
- Encyclopedia of decoupage
- Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Embroidery
- Quilting. Complete Encyclopedia
- Delicate paper. Equipment. Receptions. Products. Encyclopaedia

Terms of the contest is available here ...

Author: Marina Tumovskaya