Women still do most of the cases at home
 All the talk about the fact that women today have more freedom, and men do not play a traditional role - it looks like nothing more than talk. Because statistics show that we are still mine, wash, clean, and men still regard it down.

Statistics for the British society, and something tells us that the situation is even more sad. If we Europeans have failed to win a slightly different roles at home.

What really happens at a time when we are happy to note that the kind of man begin to change?

Women continue to spend more time cooking, cleaning, laundry, housekeeping. According to the latest statistics, a woman devotes 10 hours per week, or 85 minutes a day, while men devote themselves to domestic affairs 57 minutes a day.

Moreover, the rate of 10 hours per week increases significantly when there are children in women who have children are spending 16 hours a week on the house (while their partners - 11, 6 hours per week).

During the year a woman spends on the household chores - three full weeks at a time, while their husbands - two weeks.

On what spent most of our time?
105 minutes per week - on cooking
77 minutes - washing and ironing
68 minutes - cleaning

Compare with men's time-consuming:
66 minutes - cooking
30 minutes - washing and ironing
36 minutes - cleaning

And what British women want? They want full equality? But why - I want to ask. Is it not nice to do it all for your family? Should I regret that spent three weeks in the year to make the home life (and his too) more convenient, clean and comfortable? I think we spend much more time on this, and the majority does not feel humiliated, because we do everything for their loved ones.

Author: MyCharm.ru: Julia Gnedina