John Galliano: "The King is dead"?
 The story of the dismissal of John Galliano from work at the House of Dior has already spread around the world. Discuss the details of the media, colleagues advocate ... Meanwhile, March 4 will take place once the show by Christian Dior in Paris, and "suspended" state of the art director of the brand is only speculation.

Galliano worked at the House of Dior since 1996, and on Friday, February 25 his work as artistic director of the brand has been suspended. The reason - the anti-Semitic remarks that Galliano made and which became known to the general public.

Sidney Toledano, chairman and CEO of Dior Couture next day reacted to the scandal: "House of Dior has always demonstrated its firm attitude of intolerance towards any manifestation of anti-Semitism or racism."

What actually happened?
While a bit of clarity. Media publish several versions of what happened. The first is based on the words of a woman who was a victim herself, and Gagliano and statements to the police. The woman said that she was sitting on the veranda in a cafe, waiting for a friend next to a table occupied Galliano. About 9 pm a woman hooked her friend Asian origin. At this time Galliano ordered a mojito and, according to the woman, began to look at her "like a bitch", and later fell various statements, the softest of them: "dirty Jew", "I contacted the Asian bastard" and so on.

Another eyewitness says quite the opposite happened. He argues that Galliano just wanted to chat with the couple. But a couple of very Naham him, saying he was "ugly and disgusting, and must leave the cafe." After that Galliano had to parry and he said to the woman that she herself "ugly, ugly and bag it." And then I followed a call to the police from the so-called victims.

Most of the colleagues and the people who know Galliano, do not believe that he could be so "attack" on random people. As in life describe him as a very quiet and nice.

In general, everything is like a not very skilful fighting Galliano. Did someone really wants to take his place.

Anyway, the House of Dior has suspended cooperation with John to find out all the circumstances of the case by the police. It also remains unclear who will enter the final bow on the catwalk Dior Couture, which will take place very soon, March 4 in Paris.

 John Galliano: "The King is dead"?
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Author: Julia Gnedina