QUIZ from "Bronhikum" on MyCharm.ru
 We invite all visitors of the site MyCharm.ru take part in the competition from "Bronhikum" vegetable cough remedies based on extracts of thyme. It has long been a decoction of thyme used as an expectorant and disinfectant for coughs, whooping cough, bronchitis. In the season of colds natural effective antitussive-based thyme certainly should be in the home medicine cabinet.

The correct answer to a quiz about medicinal plants, you could win a warm blanket, or original functional Thermocup tea steamed.

Quiz questions:

1. Thyme - is
• small tree
• Grass
• semishrubs

2. Where from thyme?
• The Caribbean
• Mediterranean
• Near East

3. In medieval Europe, thyme for its special protective properties gave an interesting name. What?
• «guiding grass"
• «green amulet"
• «Magic Flower"

4. What is the substance of value, part of the essential oil of thyme?
• Tamol
• Thymol
• methanol

5. In what areas does not apply thyme?
• Cooking
• Light industry
• Beauty

 QUIZ from "Bronhikum" on MyCharm.ru

Our awards:

1st place
The winner of the quiz "Bronhikum" gives a stylish warm blanket.

 QUIZ from "Bronhikum" on MyCharm.ru

2nd place
A participant who takes the second place in the quiz will receive Thermocup. This useful and functional item, it changes color when it is poured into a hot drink.

 QUIZ from "Bronhikum" on MyCharm.ru

3rd place
Two participants, the answers of which will occupy the third place will receive a pair of the original tea.

 QUIZ from "Bronhikum" on MyCharm.ru

Dates quizzes from "Bronhikum":   Competition is held from December 25 2010 to January 25, 2011 portal beauty MyCharm.ru. Results will be announced on January 28, 2011.

Detailed rules for the participation in the Quiz and placement of the responses:   http://forum.mycharm.ru/viewtopic.php? p = 33948 # 33948.

Take part in the quiz and win prizes helpful and kind! Good luck!

Author: Julia Gnedina