The new cosmetic line from Japan - Esthe GAGA
 In the modern world by beauty it is meant not only the appearance given to us by nature, but also the care and the ability to preserve youth and health of skin. In short, well-groomed today is synonymous with beauty. Glowing skin, strong nails, silky hair and shining eyes - all this kind of reflection of lifestyle, nutrition and a proper choice of cosmetics.

On the shelves of pharmacies and represented the diversity of cosmetic lines, manufactured by various companies all over the world. Therefore, domestic consumers need to understand the specifics and traditions that are held by producer countries, especially choosing cosmetics for aging skin.

It's no secret that the fading skin requires special care, the aim of which is not only a temporary rejuvenation and improvement of skin tone, but also the ability to stop the aging process. Therefore, every modern woman, caring for the skin condition, using cleansing and hydration, nutrition and protection.   Generally, wrinkles are the result of metabolic disorders in the skin, which leads to its rapid fading. The skin looks tired because of the fact that it lost the ability to recover from stress, and eventually becomes thinner and pale.

On the Russian market entered a drug to combat aging skin - essence Super Secret Concentrate Which is capable of use with first and improve the complexion of the skin, refresh and improve the tone due to natural components which do not cause allergic reactions or habituation. The new drug is a rich essence of wrinkles and age spots. Active substances that are part of the drug are able in a short time to rid the skin from wrinkles and sagging, eliminate and prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles, improve skin condition, protect against UV rays.

The drug was developed cosmetic line Esthe GAGA, which is produced since 1957 and is focused on the domestic market of Japan.   Today the products of this brand occupy one of the first places among the professional tools in beauty salons in Japan .  It is widely used in hardware cosmetology, thereby manages the penetration of cosmetics into the deepest layers of the skin .  Using it, you can develop a set of procedures to improve skin condition at any level .  The absence of antibiotics, hormones, strong smells, as well as hypoallergenic cosmetics line allows you to use not only for self-use, but also for the procedures in the cabin, so it is highly demanded masseurs cosmetologists .  Cosmetics made exclusively from natural ingredients from animals and plants that are processed by the latest technology and are completely safe .  All cosmetic line Esthe GAGA is designed to restore the functions of the skin, such as a lack of vitamins and minerals, dehydrated, and normalizes the balance of iodine and protects against exposure to chlorine .

For ease of reference, Japanese products are of European names, although their effect is quite different. This is due to the ancient Japanese tradition of experience in skin care products handed down from generation to generation, from mother to daughter and had the character of a home. Professional line in Japan began to develop only in the middle of the last century. Perhaps because of this, Japanese cosmetics is one of the most natural in the world . One of the first companies producing professional Japanese cosmetics for beauty salons became Covendo Ko. LTD, which is a line and Esthe GAGA. The company's activities from the very beginning has been focused on research and development and production of high-quality cosmetics. The company owns its own research laboratories and production that allows to achieve the maximum quality of its products and its focus on improvement. Note that the cosmetic line declared in Russia, which confirms its high quality.

Author: Lavrushina Lyudmila